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Question 1

A company uses Dynamics 365 for Sales. The company has not made changes to any of the default security
You need to ensure that users can assign salespeople to sales territories.
Which security role can you use?

Answer: D
Question 2

A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales.
A user cannot find the option to view activities in the Kanban view or rearrange the activities.
You need to make the Kanban view available to the user.
What should you do?

Answer: A
Question 3

This is a case study. Case studies are not timed separately. You can use as much exam time as you would like to complete each case. However, there may be additional case studies and sections on this exam. You must manage your time to ensure that you are able to complete all questions included on this exam in the time provided.

To answer the questions included in a case study, you will need to reference information that is provided in the case study. Case studies might contain exhibits and other resources that provide more information about the scenario that is described in the case study. Each question is independent of the other questions in this case study.

At the end of this case study, a review screen will appear. This screen allows you to review your answers and to make changes before you move to the next section of the exam. After you begin a new section, you cannot return to this section.

To start the case study -

To display the first question in this case study, click the Next button. Use the buttons in the left pane to explore the content of the case study before you answer the questions. Clicking these buttons displays information such as business requirements, existing environment, and problem statements. If the case study has an All Information tab, note that the information displayed is identical to the information displayed on the subsequent tabs. When you are ready to answer a question, click the Question button to return to the question.

Background -

Best For You Organics Company specializes in delivering fresh and frozen organic fruits and vegetables to commercial and residential customers. The company recently started making ice cream bars. The company named this business line IceCreamBarLine. Best For You Organics Company plans to sell individual ice cream bars from food trucks and sell cases to convenience stores and gas stations.

Best For You Organics Company purchased a fleet of windowed trucks to sell individual ice cream bars and perform deliveries. The salespeople are the truck drivers.

Current environment -

Best For You Organics Company uses Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft 365. The company plans to use the sales accelerator features with IceCreamBarLine before rolling it out to other departments. The company has external stakeholders who are involved in sales opportunities.

Current environment setup -

• Best For You Organics Company uses one business unit in Dynamics 365 Sales.

• All users have Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licenses.

• All salespeople use a mobile app when they are not in the office.

• Best For You Organics Company uses Exchange Online.

• Lead records are created automatically when marketing forms are submitted on the Best For You Organics Company website.

• Each salesperson manages a district. A district named DistrictA does not have cellular or Wi-Fi service.

Current salesperson process -

• Appointments are scheduled through Microsoft Outlook and Dynamics 365 Sales.

• Custom insight cards are created to show tasks that have missed their due date.

• Emails sent to customers are sent from Dynamics 365 Sales.

• Salespeople use Microsoft SharePoint in Dynamics 365 Sales to store documents on leads and opportunities.

Requirements -

Dynamics 365 Sales -

• The company requires that only salespeople have access to the sales accelerator features.

Emails -

• Email interactions, such as when an email is opened, must be tracked.

• Emails received by stakeholders must be visible on an opportunity record as soon as they are received.

• Salespeople require the option to keep stakeholder emails private or make them visible to others.

• Salespeople require their appointments and tasks to synchronize with Outlook.

Phone calls -

• Calls to customers must be placed by using Dynamics 365 Sales.

• Salespeople must be able to record their calls and have real-time transcription.

Appointments -

• Appointments must be entered while the salesperson is at a customer's location.

• Salespeople must be able to review their next meeting when they travel.

Alerts -

• A salesperson must be alerted immediately when a marketing form is submitted for the salesperson's district.

Leads and opportunities -

• Items in the worklist must display activities from leads and opportunities only.

• Salespeople must be able to create shared Microsoft OneNote notebooks for each opportunity.

You need to configure Dynamics 365 Sales to allow salespeople to enter notes.

Which configuration action should you perform for the opportunity table?

Answer: A
Question 4

A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales.

You need to implement the Microsoft Relationship Sales solution.
Which add-on should you install?

Answer: D
Question 5

A customer creates a custom events table. The Events table has an N:1 relationship with the Accounts table.
The events team tracks activities against events.
The account manager wants to see all activities related to accounts in the timeline.
You need to allow event activities to appear in the account timeline.
What should you update?

Answer: D
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Total 401 Questions | Updated On: Jul 16, 2024
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