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Question 1

A company develops a custom extension for Business Central that manages internal pricing calculations. This extension includes a function called CalculateInternalPrice that takes an item number and quantity as input and returns the calculated price. However, they want to limit access to this function only from specific code units within the extension.

Which of the following access modifiers BEST achieves this goal?

Answer: C
Question 2

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series

contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one

correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution.

After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions

will not appear on the review screen.

A company creates a Business Central app and a table named MyTable to store records when sales orders are


Users report the following issues:

• The users receive permission errors related lo MyTable.

• Users are no longer able to post sales orders since installing the new app.

• The users cannot access the list page created in MyTable.

You need to resolve the user issues without creating new permission sets. You must use the principle of least


Solution: In the MyTable object add the property InherentPermissions = Rl. Does the solution meet the goal?

Answer: B
Question 3

A developer is building a Business Central extension that needs to be available in both English and French. They want to ensure user interface elements and error messages display correctly in both languages.

Which two approaches can the developer use to manage this multilanguage development effectively?

Answer: B,C
Question 4

You're developing an AL extension for a manufacturing company in Business Central. The extension needs to capture various data about raw materials, including:

Material code (alphanumeric)

Description (text)

Unit price (decimal)

Minimum stock level (integer)

IsHazardous (Boolean)

Question 1:

Which of the following AL data types is most appropriate for each field, considering performance, data integrity, and user experience?

Answer Choices:

Answer: A
Question 5

A COMPANY wants to create a guided onboarding experience for new users in Dynamics 365 Business Central. They want to highlight key features and provide step-by-step instructions for common tasks.

How can you achieve this onboarding experience using AL?


Answer: C
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Total 256 Questions | Updated On: Jul 13, 2024
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