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Question 1

You're designing a hierarchical structure for an organization's Azure environment. The company wants to ensure that policies can be applied uniformly across multiple subscriptions. Which of the following Azure constructs allows you to organize multiple subscriptions?

Answer: B
Question 2

A company has the following resources as part of its Azure subscription


You need to ensure the following security requirements are met
All data in the Azure SQL database is encrypted at rest and in transit
All data in the storage account is encrypted at rest
All data on the operating and data disks for the virtual machine are encrypted at rest
Which of the following would you implement for the following requirement?
“All data in the storage account is encrypted at rest”

Answer: A
Question 3

Your company currently has the following virtual network in place.


You have to peer this network with another network named udemytaging that has an address space of
Which of the following needs to be done first to configure the peering connection?

Answer: D
Question 4

You plan to deploy multiple instances of an Azure web app across several Azure regions.
You need to design an access solution for the app. The solution must meet the following replication requirements:
* Support rate limiting
* Balance requests between all instances.
* Ensure that users can access the app in the event of a regional outage
Solution: You use Azure Load Balancer to provide access to the app.
Does this meet the goal?

Answer: B
Question 5

Your company currently has two virtual networks as defined below.


You need to ensure that virtual machines hosted in these virtual networks can communicate by using their private IP addresses. Which of the following will you use to fulfill this requirement?

Answer: A
Page:    1 / 89      
Total 445 Questions | Updated On: Jul 16, 2024
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