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Question 1

You use Azure DevOps processes to build and deploy code.
You need to compare how much time is spent troubleshooting issues found during development and how
much time is spent troubleshooting issues found in released code.
Which KPI should you use?

Answer: D
Question 2

You plan to publish build artifacts by using an Azure pipeline.

You need to create an .artifactignore file that meets the following requirements:

• Includes all files in the build output folder and all subfolders

• Excludes files that have the .dll extension

What should you include in the file?

Answer: B
Question 3

Your company hosts a web application in Azure. The company uses Azure Pipelines for the build and release management of the application.
Stakeholders report that the past few releases have negatively affected system performance.
You configure alerts in Azure Monitor.
You need to ensure that new releases are only deployed to production if the releases meet defined
performance baseline criteria in the staging environment first.
What should you use to prevent the deployment of releases that fall to meet the performance baseline?

Answer: C
Question 4

You need to recommend an integration strategy for the build process of a Java application. The solution must meet the following requirements:
* The builds must access an on-premises dependency management system.
* The build outputs must be stored as Server artifacts in Azure DevOps.
* The source code must be stored in a Git repository in Azure DevOps.
Solution: Configure the build pipeline to use a Microsoft-hosted agent pool running a Linux image. Include the Java Tool Installer task in the build pipeline.
Does this meet the goal?

Answer: A
Question 5

You have a GitHub repository that contains multiple versions of an Azure Pipelines template. You plan to deploy multiple pipelines that will use a template stored in the repository. You need to ensure that you use a fixed version of the template. What should you use to reference which version of the template repository to use?

Answer: B
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Total 613 Questions | Updated On: Jul 15, 2024
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