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Question 1

A company must migrate its applications to AWS The company is using Chef recipes for configuration management The company wants to continue to use the existing Chef recipes after the applications are migrated to AWS.
What is the MOST operationally efficient solution that meets these requirements?

Answer: D
Question 2

A company has multiple AWS Site-to-Site VPN connections between a VPC and its branch offices. The company manages an Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) domain that is configured with public access. The Amazon ES domain has an open domain access policy. A SysOps administrator needs to ensure that Amazon ES can be accessed only from the branch offices while preserving existing data.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Answer: B
Question 3

A SysOps administrator launches an Amazon EC2 instance in a private subnet of a VPC. When the SysOps administrator attempts a curl command from the command line of the EC2 instance, the SysOps administrator cannot connect to
What should the SysOps administrator do to resolve this issue?

Answer: A
Question 4

A company has a stateless application that runs on four Amazon EC2 instances. The application requires tour instances at all times to support all traffic. A SysOps administrator must design a highly available, fault-tolerant architecture that continually supports all traffic if one Availability Zone becomes unavailable.
Which configuration meets these requirements?

Answer: C
Question 5

A SysOps administrator is troubleshooting a VPC with public and private subnets that leverage custom network ACLs. Instances in the private subnet are unable to access the internet. There is an internet gateway attached to the public subnet. The private subnet has a route to a NAT gateway that is also attached to the public subnet. The Amazon EC2 instances are associated with the default security group for the VPC.

What is causing the issue in this scenario?

Answer: D
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Total 528 Questions | Updated On: Jun 11, 2024
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