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Question 1

A manufacturing company is building an inspection solution for its factory. The company has IP cameras at the end of each assembly line. The company has used Amazon SageMaker to train a machine learning (ML) model to identify common defects from still images.
The company wants to provide local feedback to factory workers when a defect is detected. The company must be able to provide this feedback even if the factory's internet connectivity is down. The company has a local Linux server that hosts an API that provides local feedback to the workers.
How should the company deploy the ML model to meet these requirements?

Answer: B
Question 2

A company is migrating its legacy .NET workload to AWS. The company has a containerized setup that

includes a base container image. The base image is tens of

gigabytes in size because of legacy libraries and other dependencies. The company has images for custom

developed components that are dependent on the base image.The company will use Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) as part of its solution on AWS. Which solution will provide the LOWEST container startup time on AWS?

Answer: C
Question 3

A company is running a serverless application that consists of several AWS Lambda functions and Amazon
DynamoDB tables. The company has created new functionality that requires the Lambda functions to access
an Amazon Neptune DB cluster The Neptune DB cluster is located in three subnets in a VPC.
Which of the possible solutions will allow the Lambda functions to access the Neptune DB cluster and
DynamoDB tables? (Select TWO )

Answer: A,C
Question 4

A private bank is hosting a secure web application that allows its agents to view highly sensitive information about the clients. The amount of traffic that the web app will receive is known and not expected to fluctuate. An SSL will be used as part of the application's data security. The chief information security officer (CISO) is concerned about the security of the SSL private key. The CISO wants to ensure that the key cannot be accidentally or intentionally moved outside the corporate environment. The solutions architect is also concerned that the application logs might contain some sensitive information. The EBS volumes used to store the data are already encrypted. In this scenario, the application logs must be stored securely and durably so that they can only be decrypted by authorized employees.
Which of the following is the most suitable and highly available architecture that can meet all of the requirements?

Answer: A
Question 5

A company has deployed an application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. The application uses Amazon Aurora for
the database layer. An Amazon CloudFront distribution serves web requests and includes the Elastic Beanstalk
domain name as the origin server. The distribution is configured with an alternate domain name that visitors
use when they access the application.
Each week, the company takes the application out of service for routine maintenance. During the time that the
application is unavailable, the company wants visitors to receive an informational message instead of a
CloudFront error message.
A solutions architect creates an Amazon S3 bucket as the first step in the process.
Which combination of steps should the solutions architect take next to meet the requirements? (Choose three.)

Answer: A,C,D
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Total 891 Questions | Updated On: Jun 13, 2024
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