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Total 122 Questions | Updated On: Jun 11, 2024
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Question 1

You want to migrate an on-premises 100 TB Microsoft SQL Server database to Google Cloud over a 1 Gbps
network link. You have 48 hours allowed downtime to migrate this database. What should you do? (Choose

Answer: A,D
Question 2

You are responsible for designing a new database for an airline ticketing application in Google Cloud. This
application must be able to:
Work with transactions and offer strong consistency.
Work with structured and semi-structured (JSON) data.
Scale transparently to multiple regions globally as the operation grows.
You need a Google Cloud database that meets all the requirements of the application. What should you do?

Answer: A
Question 3

Your application follows a microservices architecture and uses a single large Cloud SQL instance, which is starting to have performance issues as your application grows. in the Cloud Monitoring dashboard, the CPU utilization looks normal You want to follow Google-recommended practices to resolve and prevent these performance issues while avoiding any major refactoring. What should you do? 

Answer: A
Question 4

You are building an Android game that needs to store data on a Google Cloud serverless database. The
database will log user activity, store user preferences, and receive in-game updates. The target audience
resides in developing countries that have intermittent internet connectivity. You need to ensure that the game
can synchronize game data to the backend database whenever an internet network is available. What should
you do?

Answer: B
Question 5

Your company is migrating the existing infrastructure for a highly transactional application to Google Cloud. You have several databases in a MySQL database instance and need to decide how to transfer the data to Cloud SQL. You need to minimize the downtime for the migration of your 500 GB instance. What should you do?

Answer: C
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Total 122 Questions | Updated On: Jun 11, 2024
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