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Question 1

An operations team notices that a few AWS Glue jobs for a given ETL application are failing. The AWS Glue jobs read a large number of small JSON files from an Amazon S3 bucket and write the data to a different S3 bucket in Apache Parquet format with no major transformations. Upon initial investigation, a data engineer notices the following error message in the History tab on the AWS Glue console: ''Command Failed with Exit Code 1.''
Upon further investigation, the data engineer notices that the driver memory profile of the failed jobs crosses the safe threshold of 50% usage quickly and reaches 90--95% soon after. The average memory usage across all executors continues to be less than 4%.
The data engineer also notices the following error while examining the related Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
What should the data engineer do to solve the failure in the MOST cost-effective way?

Answer: B
Question 2

An advertising company has a data lake that is built on Amazon S3. The company uses AWS Glue Data Catalog to maintain the metadat
a. The data lake is several years old and its overall size has increased exponentially as additional data sources and metadata are stored in the data lake. The data lake administrator wants to implement a mechanism to simplify permissions management between Amazon S3 and the Data Catalog to keep them in sync
Which solution will simplify permissions management with minimal development effort?

Answer: B
Question 3

An online retail company with millions of users around the globe wants to improve its ecommerce analytics capabilities. Currently, clickstream data is uploaded directly to Amazon S3 as compressed files. Several times each day, an application running on Amazon EC2 processes the data and makes search options and reports available for visualization by editors and marketers. The company wants to make website clicks and aggregated data available to editors and marketers in minutes to enable them to connect with users more effectively.
Which options will help meet these requirements in the MOST efficient way? (Choose two.)

Answer: A,D
Question 4

A company with a video streaming website wants to analyze user behavior to make recommendations to users in real time Clickstream data is being sent to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and reference data is stored in Amazon S3 The company wants a solution that can use standard SQL quenes The solution must also provide a way to look up pre-calculated reference data while making recommendations
Which solution meets these requirements?

Answer: D
Question 5

A company has a marketing department and a finance department. The departments are storing data in Amazon S3 in their own AWS accounts in AWS Organizations. Both departments use AWS Lake Formation to catalog and secure their dat
a. The departments have some databases and tables that share common names.
The marketing department needs to securely access some tables from the finance department.
Which two steps are required for this process? (Choose two.)

Answer: A,B
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Total 210 Questions | Updated On: Jun 14, 2024
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