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Total 50 Questions | Updated On: Jul 03, 2024
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Question 1

An Adobe Commerce Architect needs to customize the workflow of a monthly installments payment extension. The extension is from a partner who is contracted with the default website Payment Service Provider (PSP), which has its own legacy extension (a module using deprecated payment method). The installment payment partner manages only initializing a payment, and then hands the capture to be executed by the PSP Once the amount is successfully captured, the PSP notifies the website through a webhook. The goal of the webhook is only to create an "invoice" and save the "capture information" to be used later for refund requests through the PSP itself. The Architect needs the most simple solution to capture the requested behavior.

Which solution should the Architect implement?

Answer: C
Question 2

An Adobe Commerce Architect runs the PHP Mess Detector from the command-line interface using the coding standard provided with Adobe Commerce. The following output appears:

The Architect looks at the class and notices that the constructor has 15 parameters. Five of these parameters are scalars configuring the behavior of MyService. The class also contains three constants referencing one other class. How should the Architect fix the code so that it complies with the coding standard rule?  

Answer: C
Question 3

An Adobe Commerce Architect is planning to create a new action that will add gift registry items to the customer's quote. What should the Architect do to guarantee that private content blocks are updated?

Answer: C
Question 4

The development of an Adobe Commerce website is complete. The website is ready to be rolled out on the

production environment.

An Architect designed the system to run in a distributed architecture made up of multiple backend webservers

that process requests behind a Load Balancer.

After deploying the system and accessing the website for the first time, users cannot access the Customer

Dashboard after logging in. The website keeps redirecting users to the sign-in page even though the users have

successfully logged in The Architect determines that the session is not being

saved properly.

In the "app/etc/env.php", the session is configured as follows:

What should the Architect do to correct this issue? 

Answer: A
Question 5

An Adobe Commerce Architect is investigating a case where some EAV product attributes are no longer updated.

• The catalog is composed of 20.000 products with 100 attributes each.

• The product updates are run by recurring Adobe commerce imports that happen multiple times a day.

• The Architect finds an error in the logs that indicates an integrity constraint while trying to insert row with id


What is causing this error?

Answer: C
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Total 50 Questions | Updated On: Jul 03, 2024
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